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Happy Client Spotlight ⭐️ - Renesas Electronics 🌐
Check out these BTS shots from our latest production in Los Altos! Our client challenged us to recreate a set with exact specs from a previous shoot. This set was absolutely DIALED down to the last inch. 📏✨

What’s even cooler? Our clients joined in on the action with the main camera patched in to Zoom, making remote production seamless and super collaborative. 🖥️🌐

Huge shoutout to our incredible team for the full-blown effort across the board. 🙌 

#BehindTheScenes #ProductionLife #TeamEffort #RemoteProduction #FogCoastProductions #Fogsquad
We’re excited to announce our sponsorship of the Fog Squad slo-pitch softball team! 🥎🎉 We’re proud to support this awesome group of guys as they take the field this season, and many seasons to come!
Client spotlight ⭐️ - Instacart 🥕. Interested in seeing the full review? Visit our website!
Check out our latest animation reel! We're extremely grateful to be working with amazing clients and partners. They continue to inspire us to create compelling stories and visually stimulating content.
Client review Friday - 🚀 Amprius Technologies 🔋. Peep our website for the full review!
Let us take you to your happy place 🎈
Our latest 3D animation project for Data Freedom! We were responsible for concept design, 3D modeling, rigging, animation and rendering.
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