2023 was a grind. We know many in our industry would agree. The three headed monster of AI, a writers strike, and an economic recession put a lot of creators in a tough spot. Especially over the summer months. Still, we live to fight another year, and we are pushing into 2024 feeling optimistic for what lies ahead. Something we appreciate so much about our industry is the creativity of the people in it does not just apply to the work we produce, but rather the ways we adapt, overcome, and most importantly support one another. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of fun we have doing what we love. Here are some Fog Squad highlights of 2023.

Our Work Was Featured in Times Square!

We had the privilege of being a part of a major project with Territory Studio, which was featured in Times Square over the fall. Our contribution to the project consisted of rigging and character animation. It was a monumental effort for all teams involved and we couldn’t be prouder of the quality and positive reception that it received!

We Eclipsed 1000 Videos 

This year we eclipsed 1000 videos produced at Fog Coast. We are super proud of this achievement. We did the math breakdown. That’s 166 per year, 13 per month and a bit over 3 per week 😅

Andrew Got Married

If you’ve worked with Fog Coast you know me, Andrew. My wife Ari and I got married over the summer in Carmel, CA. It was a beautiful wedding surrounded by friends, family, and members of the Fog Squad. We are looking forward to Fog Coast babies in the near future!

Another Fog Coast Baby!

Speaking of Fog Coast babies. We welcome our newest member to the Fog Squad by way of our Creative director, Steve Cook! Steve and his wife Becca welcomed their second daughter, Hallie, back in September, furthering the need to expand our Fog Coast baby apparel line. 

Here’s a short sizzle reel of some of the work we produced in 2023. Enjoy!

Written By: Andrew Klein, Executive Producer, Fog Coast Productions