1) Quality of Work: Content is king, especially when sourcing content creators. Rule number one in choosing a video production company is making sure you like their work. Quality of work encapsulates a number of elements; image quality, editing style, audio quality, color correction, are just a few to name. Many video production company websites double as a portfolio of their work. But remember, it’s rare to find an example that’s EXACTLY what you’re looking for. Instead, check out the companies showreel or ask for some examples that showcase the characteristics you’re looking for in your project. Doing so will give you a very strong idea of whether or not they have the skills to tackle your project.

2) Client Reviews: If content is king, then validation is the queen. Client reviews speak volumes as to what you can expect working with a particular production company. A lot of people, time, and money go in to creating a video from start to finish, and if there’s any part of that process that goes sour it can derail the entire project. Make sure there are some positive testimonials on the company before hiring them. Nowadays there are hundreds of websites that provide in-depth client reviews on creative firms, and often times you can find these reviews with a simple google search. You can see an example by checking out our client reviews here.

3) Equipment & Facility: A high quality production requires high quality tools to get the job done. You’d be surprised how many production companies rent their equipment from project to project. While there’s nothing wrong with renting equipment, the quality of production may vary depending on the budget that the production company has to work with. It’s for this reason we feel it’s important that the video production company you choose owns their own equipment, and uses those same tools and people consistently from project to project. This will ensure that your video will have the same look and feel as the content on their portfolio and also eliminates any added costs for rentals and gear. Another thing to look for is a production company that has a facility where clients can be hosted for production meetings and editing sessions. Having a comfortable space where clients can sit in and share their vision in real-time can speed up the production process greatly and also ensure the project meets your expectations.

4) Capabilities: Unless you’re outsourcing for one particular part of a project, chances are that you’ll want the video production company you choose to be full-service. What this means is that they handle every step of the production pipeline from start to finish. Keeping everything under one roof ensures that the vision will be carried out from pre-production to distribution. A production company that offers a wide variety of capabilities is also something you want to look for. For example, let’s say you want 3D animations to accompany a live action video. It’s a huge headache both creatively and financially for you to have to outsource this kind of work separately. Make sure that the production house you choose offers the capabilities you’re looking for in your project.

5) Collaboration: We can’t stress this enough – make sure you like the people you choose to work with! Creating videos is FUN, but there’s a lot of collaboration that goes into it. It’s extremely uncomfortable when a production company treats your project as nothing more than a transaction. We feel that this is often overlooked by video seekers, but we have clients tell us ALL THE TIME about vendors that left them feeling unfulfilled by not valuing their opinions. At Fog Coast we stress that every project we do is done with a smile and a concierge level of service. Work with us today and see the difference.

Written By: Andrew Klein, Executive Producer (Fog Coast Productions)