Steve Cook

Steve Cook

Co-Founder & Creative Director

From collegiate baseball player to 3D animator, Steve has walked an unusual path into the world of video production. This Bay Area native has an unrelenting thirst for knowledge, especially in the world of 2D and 3D graphics.

Before co-founding Fog Coast, Steve was working alongside PhD’s in computer science creating 3D conversational avatars that may someday take over the world. He’ll deny any responsibility. Now he spends his days creating beautiful animations and solving technical challenges that inevitably arise in production.

He’s also an FAA certified drone pilot. He boasts only spending two days to study and pass the FAA exam (most people spend weeks). The amount of coffee he drinks might account for his speedy certification as well as his daring flight maneuvering.

One of Steve’s strongest attributes is his ability to learn anything and everything related to his interests. Whether its discovering physics systems in 3D animation software or learning how to color correct shots, he will dive right in and get down to the bottom of it.

One of our philosophies is “If someone has figured it out, we can too” and Steve demonstrates this motto everyday.

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