Animation is a powerful tool for businesses looking to communicate complex ideas or products to their customers. Here are a few ways that animation can be used to effectively convey complex information and examples of how we’ve been able to accomplish those with our clients:

      1. Visualize abstract concepts: Sometimes, it can be difficult for customers to understand abstract concepts, such as financial or technical ideas. Animation can help to make these concepts more concrete and easier to understand by visualizing them in a way that is easy to follow. Here’s an animated video we made for iCAD that visualizes the complexity of their 3D tomosynthesis technology for identifying breast cancer clusters:

Profound AI Animated Video

      2. Demonstrate processes: If you have a product or service that has a lot of steps or involves complex processes, animation can be a great way to break it down and demonstrate how everything works. This can be especially helpful for customers who are unfamiliar with your product or industry. Here is a 3D animated video visualizing the process of manufacturing a cutting edge lithium battery:

Amprius 3D Battery Video

      3. Simplify complex information: Complex information can be overwhelming, but animation can help to break it down into more manageable chunks. By using animation to visualize different parts of a complex concept or product, you can help your customers understand it more easily. Here is a video that breaks down our complex process for creating a 3D mammoth that we animated for a company planning to bring them out of extinction using harvested dna:

3D Mammoth Animation Breakdown

     4. Engage the audience: Animation is a highly engaging medium that can hold the attention of your audience. By using animation to communicate complex ideas or products, you can keep your customers interested and engaged in what you are saying. This short film is more of a high level conceptual and entertaining piece, designed to inspire viewers to embrace crypto currencies:

3D Animated Short Film

Overall, animation is a powerful tool for businesses looking to communicate complex ideas or products to their customers. Whether you’re trying to visualize abstract concepts, demonstrate processes, simplify complex information, or engage your audience, animation can help you effectively convey your message. If you’re ready to take your business’ marketing to the next level, visit us at