Due to the constant visual stimulation provided by social media, advertising and entertainment, the standards for video marketing have risen significantly. Although there are many challenges when it comes to grabbing attention for your product or service, it’s become abundantly clear that videos produce the largest return on investment. With estimates that claim 20% increases in engagement, it’s no wonder companies are shelling out the big bucks for video marketing campaigns.

Among the many diverse types of marketing videos you’ll notice a common feature that provides a means of generating mass appeal, clarity through visualization and a custom style that separates one company from the other. That feature is animation. It comes in many forms: motion graphics, character animation, product visualization, 2D and/or 3D renderings, kinetic typography, whiteboard animation, and on and on. So why is animation used so often in marketing videos? Here are 5 key reasons why animation is used for marketing content and why you should consider using animation for your next video:

  1. Branding: We often hear this word in marketing circles because it’s extremely vital to understand when creating content for any business. Companies that are savvy with their marketing strategies know that branding is paramount to the reputation of all businesses. Animation provides endless creative possibilities to express their brand in an appealing, positive light. Whether it’s a fully animated explainer video or animated infographics overlayed on a live action testimonial video, you can build a strong brand by using animation to demonstrate your value in a visual way.
  2. Clarity of Vision: We see a lot of tech & software companies resorting to animated explainer videos due to the complexity of their product or service. Animation is used by these companies to clearly explain what their product does and how it will change your life in one to two minutes, which is much more efficient and attention grabbing than a lengthy document. When companies need to get their message across and engage their audience or potential customers, well-designed animated graphics is a fantastic way to achieve this. 
  3. Storytelling: Everyone loves a great story and animation has become one the pillars of storytelling mediums. You’re limited only by your imagination and perhaps the skillset of the content creators. Chances are if you have a great story for you audience and the talent to execute said story, you’ll be well on your way to growing conversions and building a larger customer base in no time. 
  4. Flexibility and Customization: The beauty of animation is the ability to customize your video content for any audience that you wish to target. Perhaps you have a number of products that range in use cases for different age groups, so you need to produce a series of videos that focus on those groups individually. Animation allows for you to design the layout, characters and overall styles needed to attract particular demographics to your website/store. This can present a challenge for staying on brand. However, if the campaign is executed with brand in mind, you can successfully reach a larger audience and maintain a consistent visual presence. 
  5. Affordability: There are many who would argue that animation is expensive and I would say that they’re both right and wrong. Animation is a broad medium with lots of different styles, technical demands and means of production. For instance, a kinetic typography motion graphic is not going to cost the same as a 3D rendered product visualization. However, if you look at the cost of a live production with camera equipment, lighting, production assistants, insurance, actors, etc., your expenses can increase dramatically. Granted, live action productions are often required for marketing campaigns and should be utilized if the concept demands it. The point is, if you can produce great results on a computer, then you’re more than likely to save money on production costs.

This wraps up our 5 key reasons why animation will improve your marketing videos. Don’t forget to check out some examples of our marketing videos that utilize animation for telling an appealing story or for adding that visual punch to a live action video.

Written By: Steve Cook, Creative Director at Fog Coast Productions