Raise your hand if you’ve seen this one before: Your business just created a video, and the whole office is FIRED UP with how it came out. The company slack channel is blowing up with comments and GIFs, Karen in accounting is gushing over her cameo appearance, and your CEO is 100% sure that “this thing is gonna go viral!”

Then, weeks pass. The video isn’t getting as much traction as you thought. The video fades into irrelevance and you’re back to square one, wondering what you did wrong.

This article will teach you how to avoid that scenario and take full advantage of your video content. Here are some useful tips to help you win with video and maximize conversions with your target audience.

Put The Video On A Landing Page:

The sole purpose of a landing page is to create a positive first impression and to capture your customers attention. Nowadays, the play button is the strongest call to action on the internet and a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more.  

Your video is the backbone of your digital presence, and should be positioned where it’ll be most effective. Think of it as the gatekeeper to your sales funnel. How many times have you been on a company’s website only to ask yourself, “What even is this company and what exactly is their product?” In other words, what good is your product if your customer doesn’t even understand what it is or how it works? Unless you’re a giant corporation, chances are you won’t be selling yourself through brand recognition.

I mean sure, you can attempt to deliver this information through text and images. However, the reality is that people simply do not have the time or patience to be scrolling through lines of text to decipher your product or message. Use your video!

Have A Clear Call to Action:

A successful video requires a clear and bonafide goal. The goal of your video should not only correlate with where it’s distributed, but also drive your audience to take action! This article by impactbnd provides some awesome call to action examples from top brands.

Having a call to action in your video is the icing on the cake, and positions your goal directly in the face of the consumer. Biteable has a really cool feature that allows you to add a call to action button directly on your video. You might also pick up some call to action ideas by checking out their examples.

Create Multiple Versions:

We highly recommend having multiple versions of your video at different lengths for various distribution channels. For example, that beautiful 2 minute video on your company’s website probably won’t fly on Instagram or Facebook. In fact, Instagram has a 1 minute upload limit on the feed, which keeps their user base comprised of 64% millennials happily and mindlessly scrolling through content.

We highly recommend creating 30 second, 15 second, and 7 second versions of your video for various social platforms. Having shorter versions of your video is a great way to peak interest and utilize a call to action to drive people to the full length version. Most video production companies archive your project and footage, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time or money for them to whip up a shorter edit from the one that already exists.

Another aspect of social media platforms to keep in mind is the fact that 85% of videos (Facebook) are viewed without sound. This presents a problem for videos that have no subtitles/captions, as users will most likely miss the message that you’re trying to communicate. Always consider using captions to grab people’s attention and get your point across.

Optimize For Search:

Lastly, it’s important to remember that while your video is a stellar marketing tool, it doesn’t hold any SEO juice! What we mean is that the content in your video, such as text, images, etc. are not searchable on the internet.

Therefore, it’s extremely important that when posting your video on social channels and other platforms that you provide relevant text/transcripts that are searchable. Crank up those keywords, titles, and hashtags and put your video in a position to get views.


Video is not going anywhere, in fact, this year video will make up more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic. It’s a shame to spend a lot of time and money on a video only to come up short on the distribution side, so we hope that this article will enlighten your organization with the necessary knowledge to win with video and maximize your ROI!

Written By: Andrew Klein, Executive Producer, Fog Coast Productions