Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s address the obvious: videos are the future.

Whether it be a corporate marketing campaign or personal branding, you need to be able to provide video content. According to Social Media Today:

> 58% of consumers will trust a brand WITH video rather than without.

> Videos on social media are shared around 1200% more than text and images combined.

> 90% of consumers say that videos are more helpful in a decision making process.

It’s impossible to ignore the effectiveness of video these days. Here are some trends for 2020 that will convince you to hop on the bandwagon:

Optimizing Video For Social Platforms

In order to enhance the viewers experience of your content, it’s important for your marketing team team to consider three things: length, size and messaging. For instance, Instagram and Facebook require different aspect ratios for their feeds and provide varying spans of attention time from the user. Additionally, the focus of your message should be tailored to the platform that your content is on. Maintaining a dynamic approach to content creation and focusing on the purpose of the video (attracting people to your website/business or conversions) will benefit you greatly in creating a successful marketing funnel. 

Shoppable Videos

Consumers are going to have it easy in 2020. We’re already starting to see it. Videos and ads are allowing viewers to shop on the spot without wasting any time. One click, and you’re on the product or service’s website. Impulsivity among consumers is at an all time high, which makes it extremely advantageous to provide accessible funnels like these to your business. 

Educational Videos

According to Insivia viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. Educational videos are very effective in creating consumer engagement. Instead of selling, provide value by teaching. This will facilitate a more personal connection, and increase your CTR. (Click Through Rate)

Silent Videos

As of a couple of years ago, Facebook created its video autoplay feature which plays any video on your feed automatically without sound. The intent was to allow viewers to watch anything without disturbing the public around them. This has produced a new trend regarding online video consumption. 

Verizon media revealed that 92% of people watch videos without sound when using a mobile device. This metric demonstrates to us that social media users need and almost prefer videos with no sound. When creating content this year, it’ll be a good idea to produce a visual story that can be told without sound or simply utilize captions in your video.

Search Optimized Videos

In 2018, Google added their featured videos section to its search results. This was a new algorithm that related keywords in your search to the most related videos on streaming services like YouTube or Vimeo. With videos that are posted to YouTube, Google’s speech recognition technology transcribes the majority of videos that are uploaded. These transcriptions are used, along with the video titles, for the search engine to find those keywords. They’re doing a very tedious process for you, and it’s another reason why video is going to dominate in the coming years.


There won’t be any reason to sleep on video production this year, and the metrics mentioned in this article fully support that. Keep these trends in mind when coming up with your next piece of media and you’ll be one step ahead of the competition. 

Written By: Andrew Rydinski, Content & Social Media Intern, Fog Coast Productions